Monday, April 15, 2013

Some 1985 Topps Miscuts

In yesterday's repack box, I received these four miscut 1985 Topps cards. Between these and the Keith Moreland card I pulled, somebody at the repack factory might need a new job. I did a little research and with a fair amount of confidence, figured out who was featured on the sliver of card shown.

After typing out this post, it mysteriously disappeared aside from the opening paragraph above. There must have been some kind of glitch with my last save even though it periodically auto-saves. Rather than retype the whole thing out, I thought I'd make a game of it for the readers. Yesterday's little trivia question was solved pretty quickly so let's see about today's.

You have as much information as I did. Tell me who shares the card with Dave Righetti, Bob Welch, Doug Frobel and Sixto Lezcano. Go!


For the Cubs tie in, you'll note on the back of his card, Sixto Lezcano is the cousin of Carlos Lezcano, a former Cub. A stretch, I know.

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