Friday, April 5, 2013

Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview Regional Covers

I don't consider myself a magazine collector, although I do have a few that feature the Cubs, including issues of Vine Line. On another board I frequent, somebody put out a call for the regional cover variations that Sports Illustrated put out this year. No one else had mentioned the Stephen Strasburg issue so I offered up my services to those who needed/wanted that particular cover.

In exchange, I received copies of the Clayton Kershaw cover:

and the Justin Verlander cover:

If you are interested in either or both, let me know. I can also pick up more Strasburg covers if you want those as well. These are newstand copies (no mailing labels) although they do have the barcode in the lower right hand corner (not shown in the photo I found online).

For those wondering, the other regional variations (that I don't have) include David Price (Rays), James Shields (Royals), and CC Sabathia (Yankees).

No Cubs tie-in but I will point out that SI has predicted the Cubs to be the anchor of the NL Central. I hope they prove them wrong and they're off to a good start! Unfortunately, this has been my reaction to watching the Cubs game and then the call for Carlos Marmol comes in:

Yesterday at least had a happy ending:

What I really want is for Cubs opponents to feel like this man when the reliever comes in:

Like what the hell just happened?

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