Sunday, April 14, 2013

Repack Sunday!

Like last week, I'm changing things up again and found a new repack that I thought I would try. My previous repacks included 100 cards and 4 random packs for $4.99 and one that contained just 100 cards for $3.99.

This week I kicked it up a notch and found a box at Target for $9.99. This "box" is actually a hard plastic cube designed to hold cards. I don't know how much the card cubes themselves go for but I would think that adds a good couple dollars value right off the top.

Spoiler Alert: Unless they're using a Beckett from the 1980's, I'm pretty
sure I didn't get the Special Random Cube worth $100, $500, or $1000.
The package advertised it as a 250 Card Cube. I didn't actually count the cards so I'm not sure if this means the cube holds 250 cards or 250 cards were included but based on the slight looseness of the cards once I unwrapped them and that there were packs in there, I don't think it could be both.

The cube was shrink wrapped so the only contents I could see were the two packs said to be included, one on each end. At Target there were three to choose from but the other two boxes included 2008 Upper Deck First Edition. If you've been following this segment long enough, you'll know I've pulled those packs in the $5 repack boxes I've been buying. So I went with option three which showed a pack 2009 O-Pee-Chee and one 1991 Upper Deck.

Once I tore into the shrink wrap, I saw there was a third "pack" included of 1990 Donruss. It wasn't shrink wrapped but there was no marking on the cellophane at all. I didn't count these either but it looked to be around 50 or so cards. Anybody know if this "pack" was distributed in some other form?

The only OPC card worth scanning from the 6 card pack was this black bordered parallel. There was no indication on the wrapper how often these show up and they aren't numbered at all so I don't know if they were one per pack or what.

There wasn't anything I'd call spectacular in the Upper Deck pack but it did bring back some good memories.

I didn't realize until I saw this Randy Johnson card that he was 51 in Seattle before Ichiro. Seems like such an odd number and will probably be retired at some point. I don't know if Johnson pitched long enough there for it to be a Greg Maddux/Fergie Jenkins joint retirement thing though. The Delino DeShields card represents a future Cub.

Speaking of Cubs, we have former Cub Rafael Palmeiro in those cool Collector's Choice cards. And a posed catcher card of "Star Rookie" Greg Colbrunn.

On to the 1990 Donruss pack. The front card was this Fred McGriff Grand Slammers insert card. McGriff, along with the Frank DiPino and Terry Mulholland below represent former and future Cubs from the pack.

And the actual Cubs in the pack, Rick Wrona, Mike Harkey and Luis Salazar.

This Jerry Reuss card may give the Phil Niekro card from last week a run for its money on oldest looking active player on a card. Not making fun, props to longevity!

 As for the rest of the pack, I found quite a few cards of note. I felt like I spent a ton of time scanning and cropping for this post and then only uploaded about half to keep in from being too long. There are a couple I'll save for another post and others that just didn't seem as notable upon second glance.

There were a couple of duplicates in the assortment which is a little disappointing in what I assume is a hand collated repack. Funny how perspective changes because back in 1987, I probably would have been super excited to pull two All-Star cards of Don Mattingly.

Or two of these Bazooka Jose Cansecos. Especially if I hadn't pulled one in last week's unrelated repack too. Haha.

As usual, I like to highlight the oldest and newest cards from the box. The Jim Wohlford was actually one of two 1981 Topps cards but you'll see the other one later. The Martin Prado is from 2010 Topps.

In addition to the wide age range, there was also a pretty big variety of brands included beyond the big five companies.This included store brands of Ames:

And K-Mart:

It also included some Minor League cards:

And a bunch of rookies:

Moving back to the Cubs portion of the post, there was a pretty good selection of former and future Cubs, as well as current Cubs.

Former Cub and a cool card.

One of my favorite cards I pulled! Keeper for the Zim collection. 

Onto the Cubs:

Another Frank DiPino, this time as a Cub!

I'm guessing Rod Beck is giving a post Save celebratory high five but it looks like he slapped that other Cub in the face. This might be a Cubs fan only trivia question, but name that other Cub behind Rod Beck's arm! First correct answer gets a PWE bomb. 

The Mike Krukow is the other aforementioned 1981 Topps card that tied for oldest card in the box. 

The following Randy Myers card should have been included above with the former/future Cubs but was so incredibly awesome I wanted to separate it out.  

What makes it so awesome you might ask? Looks like a standard pitcher's card, going through his delivery, right? Well flip it over and you have this glorious photo forever encapsulated on cardboard. Ok, so probably a letdown , but still classically 80's!

Highway to the Danger Zone?


  1. Love all the random Cubness you get in these thing. I know I always get stoked whenever I pull any Cubs base or anything haha
    As for your contest with the Beck card, I will take a shot and guess that the player is Mickey Morandini.

  2. Wow, that didn't take long! Morandini for the win.

    Email me your address for the prize.

  3. My guess is that Donruss is part of a rack pack. Cuz I just pulled a full rack pack of 90 Donruss from a Target repack and the bottom section is just plain, unmarked celo.

  4. I have the exact same type of repack sitting on my desk just waiting for me to have enough time to bust it open. I went for one of the ones with the 2008 Upper Deck First Edition though.

    Oddly enough, what allured me to this repack was the plastic cube as well!