Thursday, April 11, 2013

Carlos Pena

I never got around to sending out TTM requests for Spring Training this year but I did send out a couple of  cards to some online acquaintances who regularly get in-person autographs. I made various deals, some for a couple bucks, others for a card or other autograph exchange. I weighed the likelihood of me seeing the player in person along with how good the player's TTM signing habits were. With the season now under way, they are starting to trickle back in to my mailbox.

Originally, I sent this Carlos Pena card out to someone who sees the Tampa Bay Rays quite a bit. There was a chance this helper might see him at some off season events like a golf tournament so I sent it in November-early December. Sure enough, Pena signed with the Houston Astros shortly after. Oh well.

Or so I thought. 

The guy mentioned that he would probably see quite a bit of Houston during Spring Training so he could hold onto it and try to get it signed then. I figured, why not, since I had already paid to mail it and it wasn't like I had a better shot myself. 

Fast forward a couple of months and this shows up in my mail box:

I haven't been in the habit of making backs for current players even if they have already moved on from the Cubs. I fear the off chance that the players will come back and add to their career Cubs stats and have a more memorable moment than the one(s) I chose to feature. With that said, I made one but haven't printed it out and attached it yet. 

This is ATCRCS card is the 42nd in the collection.

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