Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"O" No!!! More Cubs Cards!

For those of you waiting, I sent out 10 packages between Monday and Tuesday to fulfill my end of some trades. There are still a few more and I think I've contacted them already. Here are some zip codes in case you're wondering:

04074, 13090, 13601, 23231, 31405, 48045, 55016, 76522, 85318, 92021

As for my incoming mail, I received a nice package from Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog. Hence the title. Obviously, I don't actually dread receiving Cubs cards! While I don't have an official want list posted, I have made mention that for a while I only collected Cubs Topps cards so there are some unhealthy gaps in the collection when it comes to other brands, especially during my longest of late 90's until 2-ish years ago. Well, Ryan must have been paying attention because this was a nice selection from that time period!

This is a two-sided card. Interesting how one side has the Bowman logo while the other has Topps.

If AJ Pierzynski keeps leading Rangers pitchers to near perfect games, Geovany Soto may not get much playing time in Texas.

This appears to be some kind of promo card as there just legal mumbo jumbo on the back with contest rules and such. Still on World Series watch...

A couple of rookies who have since moved on to more successful teams.

A quad of some Cubs fan favorites. 

And a couple of Target parallels to cross of my 2013 Want List!

Thanks for the trade Ryan!


  1. You're welcome. I didn't notice the Bowman Logo and Topps logo on opposite sides of the card. Good catch!

    1. It was weird because I've been scanning both the fronts and backs of my cards for potential future blog purposes and I couldn't find the backs I had scanned for the Soriano or Castro. I must have been more focused on lining up the cards for the scanner because I had to go back to the stack of cards before I realized they were actually the same card.