Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trade with unclemoe

After dangling the Opening Day trade bait a little bit ago, I got a bite from unclemoe over at My 2008 Topps Set Blog. I sent him over the mascots I pulled along with a few Diamondbacks, and I received his end of the trade over the weekend.

First off, he sent over a handful of Opening Day base cards I still needed. Nice!

I like how Saltalamacchia is pretty much facing forward but his name is so long it is creeping into view.

Kendrys Morales gets the short end of the stick here but when you're scanned with three horizontal cards, you're gonna lose every time.

Also in the stuffed team bag was a smattering of miscellaneous Cubs! Lot of brands and different players, good stuff!

Without Ryne Sandberg and Shawon Dunston, the Cubs middle infield of the late '90s was Jeff Blauser and yesterday's Mickey Morandini.

A trio of Corey patterson cards. I really like the Lugnuts card and the look Patterson is giving in the second card to the photographer, who was presumably taking pictures during the National Anthem.

Another trio of cards, this time Sam Fuld. Always liked him.

A sweet swingin' Billy Williams although this particular photograph shows anything but a sweet swing. 

I missed the Matt Murton experience for the most part before coming back full steam to the hobby, but I hear he has/had a cult following. 

How many non-Cubs fans would know that Jon Lieber was our last 20 game winner. Heck, how many Cubs fans would know?

And a really nice throw in that I wasn't expecting at all, a Kosuke Fukudome jersey card. This is the epitome of a card that belongs in the collection, but I wouldn't necessarily buy it for myself. 

For those who can't read the category at the top, in 2010, Fukudome led the MLB in batting average from the number 2 spot in the batting order. Really digging deep there, Topps...

There were a bunch more cards that I didn't get around to scanning including a 1986 Fleer mini Shawon Dunston and a couple of cards from the mammoth 2008 Upper Deck documentary set. When I started making the customs for the entire team last year, I hadn't heard of this set. I was considering making a 162 card set, one for every game, but as the season got worse and worse, I opted not to...

Thanks for the trade unclemoe!! 

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  1. You're welcome. Glad there was some stuff in there you needed.