Sunday, April 21, 2013

Repack Sundays!

After a couple weeks of trying some new repacks, I went back to the tried and true, but merely for convenience sake. I happened to be near the Five Below store when I realized I still needed to pick up a box. 

For those who don't remember or are new, this repack box is $4.99 and comes with 4 unopened packs and 100 miscellaneous cards. The four unopened packs have pretty consistently been a 1989 Jumbo, two packs from 2008 First Edition and a 2007 Fleer Ultra. While the 1989 Jumbos were fun for a while, I've gotten into a territory where I'm getting too many dupes, which aren't fun to show off.

Even Ricky Jordan is skeptical

I really like/miss Record Breaker cards. A quick search shows both of these records still stand. Well at least the Gary Carter one. The Kevin McReynolds was good as recent as this 2007 blog post but I was too lazy to check further. Both Mets too.

A couple of All-Stars. Back when these cards were released, a case could have been made for each of these players to be on a Hall of Fame path. But also, the Pirates were a winning ball club. What kind of crazy Twilight Zone was that?!?

As far as Cubs and Cubs ties, there wasn't much.

Some Boys of Zimmer
The Upper Deck packs were a little better, percentage wise anyway. Each provided the one-per-pack StarQuest, as well as a current Cub and future Cub. More specifically, Pirate turned Cub.

Frank Thomas as a Blue Jay, interesting.

Moving on to the miscellaneous cards, unfortnately, it didn't get much better.

Bad collation, full house, Braggs over Wilkerson
Highlights Darryl Kile - No Hitter
 I've been getting some pretty early '80s Topps, Fleer and Donruss  in these boxes and even some late '70s once but this time, the oldest card in the box was a 1985 Alfredo Griffin. Meh. Newest card in the box was the Fred McGriff from 1999.

"Fanciest" card in the box - FP Santangelo
Normally, I wouldn't care about non-Cubs cards like this Terry Horn. There are tons on guys who didn't make it. But what can I say, this was a boring box, so I looked into him. 

The only thing on him at Baseball Reference was a stretch for the Gulf Coast League Red Sox. He went 2-0 with 1 Save and a 1.74 ERA over 7 games. He must have gotten hurt because those are numbers that don't get you cut, especially at the age of 19.

The variety of brands for the Cubs and future/former Cubs was good but overall, nothing to blow my skirt up.

It was bound to happen eventually but this might be the first repack box I've picked up where I wish I still had my $5. Reminds me of my Ginter experiences. Blech. But one bad box out of the ten or so I've opened isn't too shabby.

Hopefully, Five Below gets a new batch soon with an assortment of packs that vary more. I've been saying it for a while but I really do need to see how close I am to full sets of 2008 Upper Deck, 2007 Fleer Ultra and 1989 Topps.

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