Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Topps Tony Campana Factory Team Set

I picked up a 2013 factory team set of the Cubs and really liked getting a sneak peak at what's coming up for Series 2. Wrigley Wax did a pretty solid write up last week so I won't bore you with another post on the same thing. Eventually I might do a photo/game breakdown for each card like I did for Series 1 but today, I just want to focus on one card.
2013 Topps Factory Set Tony Campana (CHC-10)
I really didn't expect the Campana card and while I should be happy, I can't help be a little disappointed in it. His 2011 Update and 2012 Series 2 are already both fielding shots.

Why not something he's known for? His speed? There's gotta be a running photo to use. Like these?

That first one might be my favorite but since he's wearing #41, it's actually from 2011. The second one is from 2012 and would have been perfectly acceptable.

How about maybe laying down a bunt like Tony was/is apt to do?

Maybe continue the seagull theme following Reed Johnson's card from last year?

I'll do a more thorough breakdown of the actual card later this week.


  1. Yours look better! My question on the factory card...what is that rope that is hanging out of the doors?

    1. Thanks! Another thing not to like about the factory team set is that there are no parallels of this one to chase. I almost hope they include him in Series 2, even photoshopped into a D-Backs uni.

      My guess on the rope is a makeshift handlebar/doorknob. It would probably hurt an outfielder to run into a real one making a play, so they put in a rope?

  2. I'm tempted to pitch an idea to Mark Sapir--Cubs factory team set exclusive Seagull Super Short Print variations. 1 in every 5000 team packs!