Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Prowling" for some Cubs cards

This trade with Zenus from The Prowling Cat came about when I posted my loot from the Opening Day blaster I opened. There is still some good stuff in there so check out the post.

I hopped on the Cubs bandwagon back in 1984 as a first grader. I remember getting packs of cards then but didn't really start "having a collection" for another couple of years. While I'll never part with the cards that survived move after move, this selection of cards is a definite upgrade in condition, many from that infamous 1984 season.

Some mid-late 80's...

A couple of more modern ones...

He also threw in some much recent 2013 cards to help me out with my flagship set and Opening Day. I believe I have worked out a deal to finish out my flagship but I'm still looking for Cubs parallels and could use a little help putting Opening Day to bed. Check it out if you think you can help.

Thanks for the trade Zenus!

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