Monday, April 8, 2013

More Luis Salazar...

Well, as I figured would happen, my weekend turned out much too busy to make the big semi-annual local card show. I helped someone move on Friday. All day Saturday was taken up by my sons' Little League Opening Day parade and a game for each of them. Both won their games and each had a clutch hit. Nice!

The Cubs were beating the Braves but I got home just in time to watch the bullpen unravel and the Upton brothers destroy our closer on WGN. Not nice!

Sunday was the day I thought I'd be able to sneak away for a bit and snag some good deals from dealers who didn't want to lug as much stuff home with them but it was not meant to be. We had some out of town company over (not that it wasn't great to see them, it was) and they weren't the type to hang out at a card show. Later in the afternoon though, I did manage to catch the tail end of Potomac National/Lynchburg Hillcats game. The Nationals were leading but gave up 7 late inning runs to fall 11-6.

Some of you may have been following this blog long enough to remember, I had pretty good success getting some autographs from former Cub Luis Salazar since he has been the manager of the Hillcats. For those who haven't, I recapped it some here and here.

Since I missed the beginning of the game, my older son and I decided to wait after the game. It was a getaway day so all the players filed out of the locker room and into the awaiting bus. Of course, the manager was the last one out but he signed a quick one each and then he and we were on our separate ways.

The first card was one of my new ATCRCS/A&G hybrids. I had found a nice color picture to use a while back (but after I had already gotten the regular ATCRCS card signed) so I put it to use. I haven't whipped up a back for it yet but will soon.

The second card was a 1987 Topps Traded. The guy who has been helping me at the Sun Times shows in Chicago is working on getting the entire 1987 Topps and Topps Traded set signed so I thought it was time to repay the favor. I checked his list and this Salazar card was on it.

I do need to add Salazar to the Boys of Zimmer poster I just showed off but I didn't have time to get it printed yet. Hopefully next time he's in town!

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