Sunday, April 28, 2013

Repack Sunday!

It's Sunday so that must mean it's time for another Repack Box. I went with the standard 4 packs plus 100 miscellaneous cards for $5 box from my local Five Below store. I don't have much time for commentary today so hopefully these pictures are worth thousands of words!

Starting off, we have the 1989 Topps Jumbo pack:

Rookie of the Year and three retired jersey numbers
Record Breakers and All-Stars
 After 8-9 of these repack boxes, and all but one having the Jumbo pack from 1989, I was bound to get some doubles. But these 6 cards all came in this one pack. Not consecutively either, like you would think collating works. The Argenis Salazar and Greg Maddux above were the only Cubs in the pack.

Hall of Famer, former Cub and wannabe Cub
Proof of Dibble as a Cub, you ask? Here's an AP Photo from the Spring of 1996:

No love lost for this never Cub, mainly because of the incident in the video below. The first two minutes are entertaining in and of itself, but check out Dibble's reaction to a play at around the 1:50 mark.

Pedro Martinez, future Cubs Tom Gorzellany and Edwin Jackson
Mark Teixeira and Cubs question mark, Carlos Marmol
For the second box in a row, there was nothing worth scanning in the 5-card pack of Fleer Ultra.

There was however, some pretty cool stuff among the miscellaneous cards.

Oldest and newest cards from the box, 1981 Donruss-2000 Topps
Not only 1981 Donruss, but a trio of '82 as well!
An assortment of catchers. Spanky!
Some Ryan Express appreciation
Closest thing to an oddball this week
Future Cubs
More future Cubs
Cubs who moved on
More former Cubs
Current Cubs
Cameo by future Cubs coach, Rob Deer
Future Cubs manager Dale Sveum
There, you have it. Another Repack Sunday in the books. I don't think there's high demand for a lot of this junk wax, but as usual, everything you see here is available. I happened to already have the Cubs cards included in this box, so even those.

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  1. That video was so rich. I had forgotten about former White Sox Jim Essian being a Cubs manager. And besides the action there's WGN's Dan Roan with hair and a wild shirt.