Saturday, May 4, 2013

Possible 2013 Team Set Custom Design?

You may have noticed that while I've talked a whole lot about Cubs cards, I haven't really mentioned how they're doing this year. Here we are, about a month's worth of games into the season. How are the 2013 Cubs stacking up to the 2012 Cubs?

Well, unfortunately, about the same. After 28 games, both teams had 11-17 records. The 2013 Cubs have scored a couple more runs and given up a few less, but the end of game results haven't been any different. I've watched about half of the games, and the sad thing is, they could probably just as easily be 17-11. A couple of late innings rallies have fallen short (like yesterday) and there have been a handful of bullpen collapses.

Yes, I'm a homer. Sure, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. But whatever, it's baseball! It's all for fun. The Cubs have been in some exciting baseball games. Would I prefer they win? Of course. But that really wasn't the expectation this year. More than a third of their games have been decided by one run. Of their 17 losses, only one was by five or more runs. So they're playing a bunch of close games. There in just about all of them. There is still room for improvement but I see them getting closer to the top of that hump.

Anyway, the Cubs are coming to town next weekend to play the Nationals. I've got tickets to Saturday's game but I'm going to try to take in the whole series. I don't know how much autograph seeking I'll be doing but I realized I should probably work on a set for this year. The Cubs have already used 31 players so I'm way behind!

I hammered this design out Friday night. Loosely based on Prizm without all the shine and a little more color. And logos!

I like it but I'm not sure if I'm sold on it for the team set. The main problem is that because of the red, white and blue border that pinches in the middle, I have to find and use "skinny" pictures. Basically the player has to be standing straight up. That's not too big of a deal for players like Soriano or Barney who get a ton of photos taken. But it might be tougher on the more obscure players. I ran into photo selection issues last year when I went with all horizontal pictures. 

Any feedback on this design would be welcome. Thanks for looking.


  1. I just love it when the player picture extends beyond the border!

  2. I like it but can also see where the photo selection could become a problem. How would it look without the pinching on the sides? Just on the top/bottom.