Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hanger Box of Topps Series 2 Part 1

Over the weekend I went in search of a blaster of Topps Series 2 for the Blaster Fantasy League I'm running. My first stop at Target yielded only loose packs and hanger boxes. I had never purchase don of the hanger boxes before and didn't know what to expect but I went for it. They were half the price of what a blaster goes for but without the manu-patch card.

Aside from a pack of Heritage and a bunch of repacks, I really haven't busted anything since Series 1 so I had that itch. I didn't pay attention to insert ratios or anything like that so I have no idea what I was supposed to get vs. what I actually got. That said, it was advertised pretty noticeably that these Million Dollar Chase cards were one per box.

I still never really figured out the difference between the Griffey above and the Chasing History cards below other than the holofoil-ness. Also, it seems kind of backwards that I would get one of the "regular" ones and four of the holofoils.

I like the idea behind this Bryce Harper insert set but I'm not sure I like the execution. The blob of foil in the scan doesn't help. In case you can't read it, it says "Making Their Mark" and "1st Homer Run" in the foil. I might be impressed if Topps actually used a photo from the feat. I'll look into that later...

Another Carlos Gonzalez. Is this guy ever on his feet? This is an insert I do like, in spite of the foil. A nice action shot with a discernable theme? I'll take it. (Chase it Down is the theme, BTW.)

I have a certain Padres collector in mind for this one already. 

I never really thought about it before but I would have thought the yellow and gold would have clashed. Surprisingly, a decent looking card.

I know Gary Sheffield was a bit of a mercenary, playing for a bunch of different teams for a couple of years at a time. I even remember him playing on the Marlins. But because of his 1989 Topps card, I will always associate him with the Brewers. Despite two World Series titles, is this the only way for Marlins players to get inserts? I'm not making fun, I'm seriously asking. I'm not sure I could name more than 2-3 players on either of those championship teams.

No Cubs inserts but I did pull a few of the base cards. I'll save those for individual posts though. I headed over to Wal-Mart where I picked up the blaster for the prize pool and another hanging box for myself. Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. You're right, that Gold Pirate looks sharp. Not as awesome as that Emerald Friar, however. I'm tired of the "Chase" theme with all the inserts, but the "Chase It Down" cards seem like a good idea - even though the CarGo card mentions that it happened in a game against the Padres.

  2. You can't be serious about not knowing more than 3 players on the 2003 Marlins. I probably have nightmares about that team once per week still. I bet I could name almost the entire starting lineup and a good portion of the pitching staff. You should probably start reciting their names before you go to sleep a la Arya Stark.

    1. It may have been a slight exaggeration but not by much. Without looking at the roster, I could name 5. After looking at the roster though, I recognized just about everybody. And I was actually a little surprised by the number of former/future Cubs on the team that season.

      The 1989 Giants might be my 2003 Marlins though...

    2. And I guess, by my comment, I meant to question Sheffield's inclusion over somebody from one of the WS winning teams and after looking at the rosters...who was Topps supposed to pick?

      Other than some of the guys that are still playing and probably couldn't be included as a member of a former team (Beckett, Lee, Cabrera), even Marlins fans would be disappointed to pull an insert of the rest of the roster, haha. I-Rod maybe?