Friday, June 28, 2013

Series 1 vs. Factory Team Set vs Series 2

With Topps Series 2 out, I realized it has been a while since I broke down one of the cards from the Factory  Team set. But after looking at who was left from the Factory Team set, I noticed they were all Series 2 cards as well.

So instead of an individual card breakdown today, I thought I'd compare the three sets.

Not including Anthony Rizzo's Out of Bounds Short Print and Alfonso Soriano's appearance on the NL RBI Leaders card, the Cubs had six base cards in Series 1.

Of the six above, only Rafael Dolis was not included in the 17-card Factory Team set. Of the remaining twelve cards, four of them didn't end up in either Series 1 or 2.

I believe the stadium cards are exclusive to the Factory Team sets. Tony Campana was traded so it makes sense he didn't make the cut for Series 2. And for the record, Jackson and Feldman both appeared in Series 1 with their previous teams so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they both end up in the Update Series.

The remaining eight from the Factory Team Set showed up in Series 2.

Stewart and Marmol are gone and Matt Garza doesn't seem too far behind if rumors are correct.

Baker and Jackson have yet to play a game yet this year for the Cubs. 

And completely new for Series 2, the Cubs scored four more cards.

Cabrera and Vitters have also yet to play for the Cubs this season, making 6 of the 20 different Cubs featured non-Cubs. Considering the Cubs have used 38 players already, they probably could have found some other guys. A few notable exclusions are Carlos Villanueva, Luis Valbuena and Kyuji Fujikawa. Not that these guys are All-Stars but Villanueva and Valbuena have been starters most of the season and Fujikawa had enough hype before getting hurt that I thought Topps might try to get him into Series 2.

Unlike in years past, there weren't any photo changes between the Factory Set and Series 2. The Cubs had 20 players on 21 different cards (Soriano the lone double dipper with his Series 2 checklist card) and the Wrigley Field card.

We'll see what Update brings but until then, individual card breakdowns are coming!

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  1. will be interesting to see if Jackson and Feldman are in Update with the Factory Set versions...I'd wager yes.

    Nice post though, thanks. I will be looking for cheap versions of the Team Sets, as it looks like I will want most of them across MLB.