Thursday, October 24, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Blaster

My second selection among the prize pool for my Fantasy Blaster/Blogger League was 2013 Topps Heritage.

As with the Gypsy Queen from earlier in the week, I realize doing a break is about 6 months too late so I'm only showing the non base cards. Everything is up for grabs so let me know if you need/want something or want me to take a look at your want list for the base cards.

Since this year's Heritage set mimicks the 1964 Topps set, the Flashback inserts pull topics from 1964 headlines. I pulled two, presidential election coverage and one that talks about Juan Marichal pitching back to back shutouts.

This Then & Now card lets you know (on the back) that Whitey Ford and Felix Hernandez are comparable in Shutouts. Felix Hernandez leds the Majors with 5 in 2012 and Whitey Ford Dean Chance led with 11 in 1964. Whitey Ford had 8. Guess Topps was short on Yankees inserts...

I don't know what a New Age Performer is. Isn't that like crystals and horoscopes and tarot cards and stuff like that?

I did pull four Cubs out of the box, something that would have made this box a success earlier in the year. But unlike Qypsy Queen where I didn't buy any, I actually already picked up a Cubs team set when this was released.

And last, and certainly least, the blue Wal-mart parallel that I was supposed to get. I don't think I could have gotten a worse card from the set. Not only is he a NL Central rival, but arguably one of the top 3 hated players in baseball right now.

This probably would have been a decent pull at the beginning of the season and gone for a couple of bucks towards recouping the blaster cost, but without looking, I'd say it'll cost more to ship than I'd get for it.

I haven't seen what the others have pulled yet and for all I know, they struck gold. But after two fairly disappointing blasters myself, I'm rethinking the Fantasy League for next year. Six-plus months is a long time to wait for something bound to lose value the further from the release date it gets (unless of course you get the one on a million blaster). I'd love to hear any opinions from those who participated on how to change things a little. And even from those who didn't but followed along. What would make you join next year?


  1. Oh, man... I didn't know you already picked up a Heritage Cubs team set earlier... um, you're going to get a package on Fri/Sat... sorry in advance for all of the dupes!

    I've only opened one blaster so far and it's scheduled to post on Saturday. The others will be coming before too long.

    As far as prizes go, I wouldn't mind having something to open that is released later in the year. Maybe Topps Update, Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome?
    That being said I'll probably miss the fantasy league playoffs next season. LOL

    1. No worries. I think I picked up Series 1 and Heritage and then gave 2013 a rest. I've been so focused on cataloging what I already have, I haven't been too worried about new stuff. Although I have managed to finish the flagship with Series 2 and Update as well.

      But I like how Heritage looks autographed so a few extras to maintain a full team set will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!