Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trade Bait - 2013 Topps Update Parallels

I recently picked up my Cubs team set from the 2013 Topps Update release. The same seller had a small lot of Gold, Emerald and Wal-mart Blue parallels that happened to include a couple of Cubs ending shortly after. So since combined shipping was minimal, I placed a bid and came away the winner on both lots.

Having the Cubs team set in hand reminded me I never finished breaking down the Series 2 Cubs cards. I will pick that up later this week so I can dive right in to Update.

And after cherry picking the two Cubs cards from the parallel lot, I'm offering the rest up to anybody who wants them. I don't need anything in return but I am looking for the rest of the Cubs gold and all of the Cubs Walmart parallels from update if you happen to have any. I picked up an emerald team set already so I'm good there.

In case you can't read the foil, the emeralds are Maicer Izturis, Maicer Izturis and Randy Choate. Yes, two Izturis cards, that's not a bad upload.

These gold cards are all numbered out of 2013, which I forgot to jot down before filing them away and writing this post. A nice play at the plate on the Marlon Byrd. At first glance I thought he was out and that was a crappy thing for Topps to do to Byrd. But when I scanned the card and had a larger version of it in front of me, you can set the ball is right in front of the "M" in the Mets logo on Byrd's jersey. So probably safe. Unless Miguel Montero is a helluva plate blocker. And speaking of Byrd, I have the blue Wal-Mart parallel too...

And a few more blues available...

Let me know if you need/want any of these (aside from the two gold Cubs, of course).

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  1. I'd be interested in those parallel cards if you don't get any other takers. I've got some Cubs cards I've been setting aside for you anyway. Shoot me an e-mail or a PM on SCN.