Friday, October 11, 2013

Mike Harkey x2

Earlier this week, I showed off my newest 1991 Topps Desert Shield card in Dwight Smith. And that was the newest even though I'm posting this Mike Harkey card now. I've had this one since July-August sometime but it has been languishing in my Draft folder since. With the season over and not too many new cards coming in, it is time to start clearing that out! Some of you who may have checke dout the tab above for my Desert Shield team set may have gotten a glimpse of the Harkey already since I updated that page with both Dwight Smith and Harkey at the same time earlier this week.

Not only did I get the Desert Shield card signed, but I also got my ATCRCS card signed too. By two different helpers. I sent out my ATCRCS card to one guy who was going to be seeing the Yankees (Harkey is their bullpen coach) before I remembered he had a Desert Shield card too. D'oh! So I waited for someone else to offer to help with the Yankees and off went the Desert Shield card.

The only other signed Harkey card I'd like to add to my collection is a 1989 Topps card. He was a Future Star, don'cha know...

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