Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ryan Sweeney

Two hands! Nice!
 Ryan Sweeney joined the Cubs organization in April of this year after not making the Red Sox out of Spring Training. He began the season in Triple-A Iowa but was called up in early May when Dave Sappelt got off to a slow start. Sweeney was used early on as a late inning replacement for Alfonso Soriano in left field with the occasional start but took over the center field duties when David DeJesus injured his shoulder running into the outfield wall in mid-June.

As luck would have it, Sweeney ended up fracturing a rib doing the same thing just two weeks later and ended up missing all of July and August. Coincidentally, this card was signed during that same Mariners series, thus my helper out in Seattle was able to get this one signed but didn't see Sweeney again to get the 2013 team set card signed too. Good news is that it was announced yesterday that the Cubs have re-signed him to a two-year contract so there should be plenty of opportunites to get him again.


  1. Your cards are great and it's nice of the players to sign for you but some of the signatures just bug me. Is that really how Sweeney signs his checks? It looks like a really quick sketch of a guy on a motorcycle.

    1. Thanks!

      I can't really talk because my signature isn't exactly legible either. But this card matches pretty close to certified cards so I would venture to guess that is probably how he indeed signs his checks.

      I've heard some schools aren't even teaching cursive anymore so who knows what future autographs will look like...