Sunday, October 20, 2013

PWE from 2 by 3 Heroes

I'm going to start having JediJeff from 2 by 3 Heroes pick out my boxes and packs for me because he has a knack for pulling cards from the right side of Chicago that he ends up sending me anyway. This is the look I imagine on his face when he pulls yet another Cubbie:

1981 Fleer Jerry Martin
This card is in great shape and a definite upgrade to the one I previously had.

1994 Topps Stadium Club Steve Trachsel
If there was a "dapper" category for baseball cards, this Steve Trachsel might be among the finalists.

2013 Topps Chrome Starlin Castro
My first and only 2013 Topps Chrome card. Eventually I'll pick up the rest but for now I'm happy with this one.

And the card I alluded to at the beginning:

 A nice on card autograph from former Cubs player and current radio announcer, Keith Moreland. Despite the lack of logos, I like the idea/theme/look of the card. And I had to say that because even though it says Chicago in the upper left corner, I'm about 99% sure that photo is from his time with the Tigers. That dark blue color doesn't match up to any of his other teams (Phillies, Orioles, Padres) and even if the color was darkened by Panini, the Cubs didn't have grey jerseys during Moreland's time with the team. Home jerseys were striped and road jerseys were blue.

I don't know where Panini gets their images from but I did a quick search on Getty since Topps uses them. Oddly enough, they had photos of Moreland in a Phillies uniform and a Tigers uniform, but not a Cubs uniform, his longest tenured team. Here's a photo of Moreland in a Tigers uniform and why I think its a match:

Moreland in 1989
AP Images had a few black and white images of Moreland as a Cub and a couple of non-usable color ones (he's in the background or back turned.). And US Presswire (USA Today Images) had nothing on Moreland.

You want more Moreland you say? Come back tomorrow!

Thanks Jeff!


  1. The HH on Moreland's card could also stand for Hook em Horns. ZONK!

    1. Good pull. The back made reference to the Horns so I added in the scan.