Monday, October 7, 2013

Danny Breeden

I feel like I haven't done an old-timey ATCRCS card in a while so today I have Danny Breeden. He and and his brother Hal both played for the Cubs back in 1971. While Hal is better about signing his TTM requests (according to SCN), I thought obtaining this signed Danny Breeden card through a private signing offered by Chris Potter Sports would be a better bet.

I like that the "signature" is every letter legible, although it looks like his Caps Lock button is stuck.

Danny had two separate stints with the Cubs organization although only one with the big league club. He was drafted away from the Cardinals in 1963's first-year draft but only spent time in the minors. After being purchased back by the Cardinals in 1964, Breeden bounced around a little bit before being traded back to the Cubs following the 1970 season. He split the 1971 season between the Triple-A Tacoma Cubs and Chicago Cubs and was even united with his brother Hal that season. They played in five games together for the Cubs.

Of note, Danny Breeden caught a Ken Holtzman no-hitter on June 3, 1971.

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