Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dwight Smith Part 2

Earlier this year I sent my Dwight Smith ATCRCS card to a Sportscollectors.net member who was going to see Dwight Smith during Spring Training. I had also sent the 1991 Topps Desert Shield card but he only had the opportunity to get one signed and I made it clear the ATCRCS was a priority.

Then, a couple of weeks ago another member posted that Smith would be making a free appearance at one of the Atlanta Braves Alumni Sundays. I offered a small amount for the helper's time and effort and I recently received the following back:

There are 32 Cubs cards in the 1991 Topps Desert Shield set. Man, those were the days for team set collectors. Variety meant different players not a dozen parallels. I have 18 of the cards and this marks the 6th one I've had signed. I'm a bit behind on my beginning of the year goal to have the set owned by the end of the year but am now ahead of my goal of getting 5 signed. Win some, lose some.

And it feels like it has been a while since I added a new ice cream helmet to the collection. Many of you probably don't think of Dwight Smith when thinking of top Cubs, but as the 1989 NL ROY runner-up and of course, a member of my favorite team growing up, the Boys of Zimmer, I couldn't help but add him. I did a post very early on in the blog showing a bunch of my helmets but I might have to pull them all together into a tab at the top.

The only downside is that while he signed #18 on the Desert Shield card (his # with the Cubs), he signed #7 on the helmet (his # with the Braves). Again, win some, lose some. Guess that's what I get for sending Cubs items to a Braves Alumni signing...

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  1. Awesome. One of these days I'll have to get that card signed myself. It was the top card on the first pack I ever opened, and the photo is still one of my favorites.