Monday, October 21, 2013

Keith Moreland

Yesterday, you asked for it. Today you get it! More Moreland! Ok, so you didn't really ask for it. But you're going to get it anyway...

I live outside of the Chicago area so I haven't had much opportunity to listen to Moreland as a Cubs radio announcer. Just a few snippets here and there. So I remember him mostly as a member of the "Chicago Phillies", a group of former Phillies who made their way over to Chicago with Dallas Green in the mid '80s. They wouldn't have had a bench but I'm pretty sure they could have fielded a team.

These cards were signed during the Cubs trip to Seattle back in mid summer. I'm more than happy to knock another ATCRCS off the list and this time, I even sent a few extra "real" cards. I have a half-hearted notion to try to get the Cubs Diamond Kings signed but we'll see how that goes.

And one of my new favorites to the collection is this dual signed Keith Moreland/Fergie Jenkins Batting & Pitching Leaders card from 1984 Topps. Jenkins signed it last year sometime and Moreland was just recently added. The numbers on the card aren't spectacular by any means, but neither were the 1983 Cubs...

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