Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Goody Package from P-Town Tom!

I've said it before. It's a little more difficult to work out a trade with someone who likes the same team as you. But P-Town Tom of Waiting 'Til Next Year makes it look easy.

I think the Cubs had more players on their roster this year than I had unique 2013 Cubs cards. And Tom's been paying attention to the blog because he seemed to know that with the selection of cards he sent.

Right after the Heritage set came out is about when I more or less tapped out on 2013 cards for the year. Yep, that early. Flagship Series 1, Opening Day, Heritage, tap out. I had picked up a Cubs team set and that was good enough for me. But after busting the blaster from my Fantasy League winnings and looking over what I had already had from when it was released, these extra Cubs are the tipping point for me pushing through to finish the set.

One set that I didn't touch this year was Archives. I take that back. I did pick up some of the Wrigley Field giveaways that were also branded Archives, and I did pick up some inserts at a card show, but no packs or any of the base cards. So these four are new to me!

A set that I really liked from last year was the mini version of the Topps flagship. This year's set has flown under my radar as I have just caught a few mentions here and there. So these three are definitely new to me as well.

Another set that I probably would have picked up eventually was Bowman Platinum. I'm so out of the loop on this set I don't even know how complete of a team set this is. But four prospects is a nice pickup!

And last (for the cards) is a nice 2012 Peoria Chiefs team set. These might be fun to do a "Where Are They Now?" type feature like I did for Pro Debut in a year or two. I recognized a couple of names from Pro Debut, Bowman Prospects and Heritage Minors releases but I pulled two names of note for the top.

Javier Baez is a top prospect, not just for the Cubs but all of baseball. and Chiefs Manager, Casey Kopitzke is actually a former Major League Cubbie as well.

There was one other nice surprise in the package but I'm going to give it its own post tomorrow. As a tease/hint, let's just say I'll be bringing back an old theme in Sandberg Sunday...

Thanks Tom!

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  1. No problem! FYIL the four Bowman Platinum prospects are all that are to be found in the prospect portion of the set, so you're good to go there. The veteran part of the set only had two Cubs, Castro & Rizzo. Sorry, I didn't have any dupes of those two to send you way.