Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2012 Revisited - Coaches

In addition to a bunch of ATCRCS cards returned recently, I've also been trying to add more signed cards to my 2012 Cubs team set. It is not as easy as it sounds when you have a team record 53 players that have more or less scattered in the wind here in 2013.

Something that did carry over, surprisingly to some after a dismal 2012, was the coaching staff. I made 8 cards of coaches in last year's set and until recently, only had Dave McKay's autographed. Thanks to SCN user vinniemiller, I have added four more to the collection. He is also the one that got me many of the forthcoming ATCRCS cards.

Some eagle-eyed readers may notice I changed out the Dale Sveum card. I really liked the previous card (which can still be seen on the set page here) but when printed, the background was too dark for a signature. He would have had to sign across his face. 

I can't remember if I relayed this story about my 'graphing attempt in DC earlier this year but as the players were walking back to the dugout after warmouts, I called out to pitching coach Chris Bosio. There wasn't anybody else around and as he started walking towards me, I got my card and Sharpie ready. When he got close, I asked him if he would please sign my card. He reached out...put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Sorry son, I have to go. Games about to start."

I respect the answer much more so than being ignored which is usually what happens, but with the amount of time it took to deviate from his path to the dugout to come tell me that, he could have just signed it...

I didn't have any opportunities with James Rowson or Lester Strode when they were in town so I'm happy to have these taken care of as well.

That just leaves Jamie Quirk, Rudy Jaramillo and Pat Listach from the coaches subset and I think puts me just under over the halfway mark in terms of completing the entire set.

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