Monday, August 19, 2013

David Aardsma

If I was going to sort my ATCRCS cards alphabetically, David Aardsma would be in the very first pocket of the very first page of the binder. Having a last name that starts with two A's will get you that kind notoriety. In fact, if you were trying to collect a card of every player to have ever played in the Major Leagues, Aardsma would be in that same slot. Filling out that top row of the binder page would be brothers Hank and Tommie Aaron, but I digress.

Aardsma has played 8 seasons in the Majors with 7 different teams, only double dipping on a stop in Seattle. The Cubs acquired him in a trade with the Giants during the 2005 season but Aardsma didn't make his Cub debut until the following year. He went 3-0 as a middle reliever over the course of 45 games, although the team went 12-33 when Aardsma pitched. I've always thought it would suck to be the guy they call on when you're losing and need to stop the bleeding.

After the season ended, the Cubs traded him across town to the White Sox for Neal Cotts.

Aardsma is currently with the New York Mets and before that spent time with the Yankees as well. Does anybody know of anybone else who has spent time with both Chicago teams and both New York teams?


  1. There's four:

    David Aardsma
    Lance Johnson
    Charley Smith
    Dick Tidrow

    I cheated. It was on Baseball Reference.

    1. Cool. Thanks for doing the legwork. More than I would have thought.