Friday, August 23, 2013

First Pitch Friday - Colin Cowherd

I'll be honest, I don't watch a lot of TV and/or sport news. Most of my information, including sports highlights, is gleaned from the interwebs. My older son on the other hand, can sit through back to back episodes of the same Sportscenter and often leaves ESPN on in the background while he goes about his routine.

So while I had to find a name to go along with the picture, he walked by while I was doing the photo editing on this card and asked me what Colin Cowherd was doing in a Cub jersey.

Once I had the name though, it all came together. I knew of Sports Nation on ESPN. It was on in the background of my house quite often, and I occasionally sat through some epsiodes if the highlights kept my attention. And while it seemed a bit on the silly side, I don't think it actually bills itself as a news program so more power to it.

Cowherd also has an ESPN Radio show, The Herd. I can't say that I've ever listened to it but I'm not much of a radio guy either.

Anyway, Cowherd threw out the first pitch before a Cubs-Reds game on August 13, 2013. I'm not sure what, if anything, he was promoting with his appearance or if the Cubs just needed somebody to do it. I couldn't find any video evidence of said pitch but he seems to be rocking out so I'm guessing it was reasonably close.


  1. Cowherd is my favourite radio personality. Prior to coming on to my newest job, I drove around a lot, and made sure I would be on the road at the beginning of his show every day. You won't always agree with him, but he always has a solid argument to back up what he says.

  2. Cool. I have a local sports radio show that I listen on my way to work and download podcasts for the parts I miss. I might have to give the Herd a shot sometime.