Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tony Campana Prizm Cracked Ice /25 & Bonuses

The early bird may get the worm but one of my favorite expressions is a followup that states "but the second mouse gets the cheese."

Shortly after the National Sports Collectors Convention (actually, probably during), these "Cracked Ice" parallels of the Panini Prizm cards started popping up on eBay. Allegedly, they are limited to 25 copies but they have no serial numbering on them at all. I have a saved search for any and all things Tony Campana so when the first one that popped up had a $.99 starting bid, I took notice. Not too shabby. There was only the initial bid when I placed what I thought was a fairly high bid with about 10 seconds left. I was the high bidder for about 4 seconds before being outsniped in the closing seconds and the card went for $11.61.

Two more popped up in the $15-20 Buy It Now range that I came close to pulling the trigger on but I'm glad I waited. Another one showed up for a $.99 starting bid and I was able to snag this card for just $2.47 plus shipping.

Not only did I get what I think is an incredible deal on a card I wanted (still lowest price on all that have sold since) but the seller had a couple of other Cubs cards I picked up as well. 

This certified Bowman Platinum autograph from Barret Loux card set me back $1.04, plus another quarter for shipping. 

And this Shawon Dunston Jr. initials autograph was $1.99. plus a quarter. There is a lot of wasted space on both of these cards as far as autographs go but to each their own. I'm not even sure what that last thing is on the Dunston card. Capital cursive L? Cursive y? Not much of a "j" if it is for Junior.

But for being able to pick up three cards for less than half the price of what I was willing to spend on just the Campana card, I would say this second mouse got his cheese.

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