Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tony Campana Prizm Cracked Ice /5

The other day, I showed off my not-numbered-but-limited-to-25 Cracked Ice Prizm Tony Campana card. I don't remember if it was right before or right after, but another version popped up on eBay. This one was limited to 5 copies, was serial numbered on the back and had a "2013 National VIP" foil stamp on the front.

I haven't quite figured out how these were given out (or the other ones for that matter), but I'm guessing it had something to do with the National...

This one had a starting bid of $9.99 with a Buy It Now of $19.99. Like the other one, I almost pulled the trigger on the Buy It Now. I figured with being limited to 5 copies, Campana being a former Cub (and fan favorite) and the National being in Chicago, the other ones might be kept in other people's collections and not show up. But I waited.

Funnily enough, a day or two before the auction ended, with no bids at all, the seller lowered the Buy It Now price to $14.99. None of the others had shown up yet either so now I was really tempted. I checked the end date/time of the auction and realized I would be available to make a last second bid as long as nobody else used the BIN option. So again I waited.

With about a minute left, I put in the minimum bid to take away the Buy It Now. And getting nervous, with a just a few seconds left, I put in a higher bid in case I got sniped like that first Cracked Ice /25 card. But all the stress was pointless as I ended up being the only one who bid.

So I ended up getting this one for less than I would have been willing to spend on the more "common" /25 version. And for less than what that other guy did pay that /25 version. I have no idea why. Maybe the timing of the auction ending? Maybe people didn't realize it was a different version?

After my story about the second mouse getting the cheese, I guess I was the early bird on this one. And since this auction ended, another one (#4/5, I think) has been posted with a straight Buy It Now for $29.99. Hmmm.

This is my 6th variation of this card. I now have the base, refractor, gold /10, green, Cracked Ice /25 & Cracked Ice National /5. I'm still looking for the Wal-Mart blue and Target red.

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