Thursday, August 8, 2013

Candy Maldonado

While I wasn't thrilled with this photo initially, it is kind of growing on me. If I remember correctly, the background was very cluttered, a batting practice backstop and some other people. But there isn't a plethora of Candy Maldonado images in a Cubs uniform floating around. It is a little badass though.

Andre Dawson was granted free agency and signed with the Red Sox in December of 1992. Two days later, the Cubs signed Maldonado. However, in 1993 Sammy Sosa made the transition from center field to right field, limiting Maldonado to just 70 games in both left and right before being traded to the Cleveland Indians for Glenallen Hill.

Former Blue Jays third baseman, Kelly Gruber runs a baseball camp in various places up in Canada and Maldonado is one of the guest instructors/coaches. A member from SCN mentioned they would be attending the camp and offered help getting autographs. Obviously, I took him up on the offer and got this card back in the mail within a couple of weeks. Not bad considering international mail both ways can be a little frustrating.

This card is brings the total number of ATCRCS cards showcased here to 64. I've recently had a large package returned that brings me much closer to 100 (!) but am still a long way from my end of year goal of 200. Time to get cracking!

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