Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 Box 1

You guys have probably been sitting on the edge of your seats,waiting all day for this so I'll get right to it. Haha. Alright, here we go, Box 1:

1987 Topps Minis, 1:4 Packs:

Sandy Koufax (Dodgers), Mark Teixeira (Yankees), Prince Fielder (Tigers), Mickey Mantle (Yankees), Stan Musial (Cardinals), Brian Wilson (Giants), Alex Gordon (Royals), Roberto Clemente (Pirates), Joe DiMaggio

Career Day, 1:6 Packs:

Roberto Clemente (Pirates), Mike Schmidt (Phillies), Reggie Jackson (Yankees), Al Kaline (Tigers), Willie Mays (Giants), Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)

Gold Standard, 1:6 Packs:

Lou Gehrig (Yankees), Jim Thome (White Sox), Paul Molitor (Blue Jays), Frank Robinson (Orioles), Ernie Banks (Cubs), John Smoltz (Braves)

Gold Futures, 1:6 Packs:

Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians), Jesus Montero (Mariners), Buster Posey (Giants), Randall Delgado (Braves), Madison Bumgarner (Giants), Yonder Alonso (Padres)

Cut Above (Die Cut), 1:6 Packs:

Cal Ripken Jr (Orioles), Hank Aaron (Braves), Ryan Braun (Brewers), Mike Schmidt (Phillies), Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners), Roy Halladay (Phillies)

Mound Dominance, 1:8 Packs:

Dennis Eckersley (A’s), John Smoltz (Braves), Jim Palmer (Orioles), Bob Gibson (Cardinals), Jon Lester (Red Sox)

Golden Moments, 1:4 Packs:

Rickey Henderson (A’s), Cliff Lee (Phillies), Adam Jones (Orioles), Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners), Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins), Ian Kinsler (Rangers), Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox), Gary Carter (Mets), Dave Winfield (Yankees)

Gold Parallels, 1:4 Packs:

Jonathan Sanchez (Royals), Joe Mauer (Twins), Zach Britton (Orioles), Gavin Floyd (White Sox), Wade Davis (Rays), Francisco Cordero (Blue Jays), Danny Espinosa (Nats), Chris Dickerson (Yankees), Derek Lowe (Indians)
Golden Giveaways, 1:6 Packs:

Jeter, Griffey, Posey, Lincecum, Ripken F. Hernandez

Golden Moments Relic:

Marlon Byrd (Cubs)


  1. I know that Thome Gold Standard must be painful amongst all those Cubs cards you have....

  2. Those minis look nice when you put them all next to each other.