Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 By the Numbers Part 2

Here's how the inserts fared compared to what was expected, including duplicates.

1987 Topps Minis, 1:4 Packs: 

This a 50 card set picking up where Series 1 left off and numbered 51-100. I expected 27 of these at a rate of 9 per box. By my count, I pulled 26, 19 different and 7 duplicates.  

Career Day, 1:6 Packs:

This insert is new to Series 2 and is a 25 card set. I expected 18 of these and I got all 18. In fact, I pulled 18 different players. Not too shabby.

Gold Standard, 1:6 Packs:

This is another set that continues from Series 1, 25 cards numbered GS26-50. I pulled 18, as expected, with 16 different and 2 duplicates.

Gold Futures, 1:6 Packs:

Again continuing from Series 1, numbered GF26-50. Pulled all 18, 17 different, one dupe.

Cut Above (Die Cut), 1:6 Packs:

A new insert for Series 2, this one features 25 players. I pulled 18, 17 different, one dupe.

Mound Dominance, 1:8 Packs:

This one is also new to Series 2, with 15 players. I pulled 15, better than the expected ratio but only got 13 different, 2 dupes. Missed pulling Phil Niekro and Warren Spahn

Golden Moments, 1:4 Packs:

One of the more frequent inserts. I pulled 27 out of 50 (20 different, 7 dupes). Two of the boxes had several of the same players so collation wasn't great.

Gold Parallels, 1:4 Packs:

Pulled 27 different out for a perfect collation.

Golden Giveaways, 1:6 Packs:

Ten different fronts featured although they all have different codes. Numbering continues where Series 1 left off, GGC11-20. I pulled all 10 different plus 8 dupes for a total of 18.

Golden Moments Relic:

Was guaranteed one of these or an autograph per box and I pulled three of these. 

Silk Collection:

Didn't see a per pack ratio on these but they are numbered to 50. I only pulled one out of the three boxes.

Tomorrow I'll post my personal box break and the list of extras for trading.
Participants in the break will get first dibs.

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