Thursday, June 14, 2012

Couple of Current and Future HOF Pieces of Trade Bait

I've mentioned numerous times that I've been downsizing my collection to just Cubs stuff and some select Hall of Famers or other personally notable figures. That said, here are a couple of cards I have that may mean more to your collection than mine.

Starting of with a couple of Andre Dawson numbered autographs. Loved the Hawk as a Cub which is why I originally picked them up but here he is with the Expos.

Dawson as an Expo Autograph, Jersey & Bat (#13/25)
Dawson as an Expo Autograph (#18/100)
Andre Dawson as an Expo with ROY 77 inscription (#98/100)
Gary Carter as a Met Autograph (#68/100)

Ichiro, Edgar, John and Bret Quad Bat Card

Rizzuto Certified Topps Archives Autograph
Albert Pujols Topps Series 2 Historical Stitches

Looking for Cubs cards of similar player value or design (ie,Cubs Hall of Famers autographs or relics). Also willing to accept fairly large stacks of older miscellaneous Cubs cards.

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  1. Would love to work out a treade for a couple of those cards....