Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 By the Numbers

Like I did with the Archives, I thought I'd break down what I pulled.

In the 3 boxes that I broke, I managed to piece together 2 complete base sets with the exception of card #633 Chris Narveson. I pulled none of him. As a set collector, that's a little frustrating. I was able to pull one in the blaster I bought before the break so I scanned it to verify it's existence:

As rare as the SSP Bryce Harper??

I ended up with 3 copies of 220 different base cards and 2 copies of 109 different base cards. But Narveson's opposite in this case was #446 Mike Trout. I pulled 4 of him.

If only real trout fishing was this easy! Zing!

Another frustrating thing was the fact the I pulled 3 copies of #528 Bryan Peterson (2 in the group break and one in my personal box break) and all of them were damaged in the same way, in the same place. I noticed as I sorted each box but before I collated everything together. So it's not like I dropped some cards and they were together. Luckily, nobody bought the Marlins so these are probably just packing material now.

Check out the bottom left corner of each card!

Other cards of interest include cards # 391 and #395. Jonathan Lucroy and Rod Barajas share #395. I pulled 3 of each.

Barajas was supposed to be #391 which I pulled two copies of as well:

I don't know what the print run was on either card but 2 of one and 3 of the other seems pretty evenly collated to me. Also, I noticed while sorting that one side of the Barajas #391 is upside down. If the front photo is right side up, the back of the card reads up the back. If the front photo is up side down, the back reads down like the rest of the set.

I also pulled a SP of Jason Heyward #85 (from series 1?) that I didn't notice until sorting the cards.

More analysis on the inserts coming soon!

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