Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sandberg Sunday - My Non-Sandberg Sandbergs

Confused by the title? Let me explain.

Recently, inspired by a few other bloggers, I've started appreciating and giving a second look to a lot of my cards as I'm organizing. Ever notice that when you learn or see something new, it seems to pop up all over the place?

That was the case as I was going through a box of hodgepodge cards. It was like every 25 cards or so, I spotted this same characteristic. Like I had created my own insert set. In the background of these cards was my favorite player Ryne Sandberg, playing his own game of Where's Waldo. Some are easily identifiable while others are speculation, but can reasonably assume its him. One of the perks of the overproduction era is that there plenty of opportunities such as these.

I remember noticing Sandberg on Reggie Smith's 1983 Topps card a few years after its release, when I first started collecting cards. I'm pretty sure I had this card before I had Ryno's own rookie card from that same year. I recently picked up the O-Pee-Chee version when I saw it.

Here are a couple of plays at the plate. I'm going to call him safe on the Greg Olson card but probably out on Gary Carter's. Not sure if it is a play at the plate or some kind of pickle but Carter looks like he means business. Also making a cameo on that card is Keith Hernandez.

I would guess these photos were taken at maybe All-Star game festivities or something because of the different teams featured. Also, Keith Hernandez makes another appearance on the Glenn Davis card.

A few stolen base attempts? My guess would be safe in the top two veritical cards. I never understood why card companies featured bad plays for the main player featured on the card. Sure they're up in the air but the plays were obviously miscues. The Walt Weiss could go either way. But the tag looks high so I'm going to call him safe. Ryno looks mad in the Treadway card and the umpire is about a half second away from pumping his right fist  to make the out call.

Obviously, Sandberg needed some better hitting behind him as here are seven cards where he was the force out at second base in what appear to be potential double plays. Jose seems to be a popular middle infielder name. Hopefully, he was able to break a few of those up.

These last set cards are the ones where I'm making an assumption. Had I not already had Sandberg on the brain, I may not have noticed. But based on my knowledge of my favorite player's posture and position of the player in the photograph, I'm comfortable with my guess.

Anybody else have any "cameo" cards in their player collections?


  1. Wow, this is pretty impressive! Seems like somebody batting behind Ryno grounded into a lot of double plays!

    I have a card of Gary Carter tagging out Fred McGriff at the plate, and a few others of Padres on the receiving end of a double play. I should do some research to see who they are, but I don't think they're any players of note.

    I like how you spotted the pictures on the back of those early 90s Upper Deck cards. Some of those pictures on the back are almost as good/better than what made the front!

    1. The ones with his jersey #23 are obviously the easiest to spot. As an undersized white kid, I hated having to explain why I wanted #23 on all my jerseys growing up. Ryno was the big #23 in Chicago before that other joker showed up.

  2. What is that Walt Weiss card? I don't have that cameo on my list.