Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Topps Series 2 Sneak Peak

I received an email saying my boxes of Series 2 have shipped and will be delivered Thursday or Friday-ish. So I expect another fun-filled box-breaking weekend ahead. Final 12 hours to join in and pimp the break (from time this is posted, deadline is midnight EST tonight) to be eligible for the free team randomization. Thanks to those already participating and those pimpin' the break. Keep the sign-ups coming!

On to the sneak peak. While running an errand I stopped off at Wal-mart on my way home from work and saw two rows of Topps Series 2 blaster boxes staring back at me. I picked one up to read the box with no intention of buying any, just a looksy I swear. Well of course the box in front of the adjacent row started to fall so I quickly grabbed it before it fell. Taking it as a sign that this box wanted to go home with me (that's the story I sold myself, tough sell, I know) I went ahead and the bought the falling blaster.

It had 10 packs and since it was from Wal-mart, two of them had the exclusive blue bordered cards. I didn't scan in all the inserts because I plan on doing a whole bunch this weekend for the break but I did take the time to scan a couple of my favorite cards.

For my Tony Campana PC I pulled his base card:

And the blue bordered Wal-mart parallel:

I pulled a few other Cubs cards (Samardzija and Volstad) but I'll wait until I have a full team set to post more. Or leave it up to Paul over at Wrigley Wax. He's real good about that! I also pulled some Nats cards for my son (R. Zimmerman, Wang and Gio along with Strasburg and LaRoche blue parallels). So a pretty productive blaster.

As usual, I saved the bonus commemorative patch card pack for last and was very happy with what I pulled. I guess the shelf diving blaster really did want to go home with me. Two cards for the PC, a couple more Cubs and Nats and this:

I never really figured out what these Historical Stitches were supposed to be but hey, at least its a Cub and one of my top 10 favorites too. I'll take that!

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  1. No wonder that blaster fell of the shelf. The stitch card knew you'd take good care of it!