Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 Box Break Spoiler Free Recap/Preview

The boxes have been broken! I will post separate updates for each box as I scan in and upload all the inserts. 

There were 3 boxes but 5 videos that are uploading as you read this. Even though my family left me alone during the break, I had a situation with the dogs that had to be tended to in the middle of box one. I finished a pack, stopped and restarted as soon as I could.

The 2nd box went smoothly.

Then the 2GB SD card on my camera ran out of memory during the third box because I wasn't paying attention. These boxes were a bit bigger than the last ones so the video files were longer and I wasn't really counting on that. It cut off mid-pack but I switched out the SD card and recapped that pack when I restarted. After rewatching the video to be sure, the inserts had already been shown, it was just the last 2-3 base cards.

Every box was guaranteed a relic or autograph. No autographs this time around but I did pull a relic in each box, plus an extra numbered to 50 silk card in the third box. All 4 hits went to teams that were picked otherwise I would have randomized them. I haven't counted all the inserts yet but it seems like everything was collated correctly.

Each box had 36 packs of 10 cards (relic packs had fewer) so I'm guessing I ended up with about 355+ cards in each box. With all the inserts dragging down the base card numbers, I didn't get a full base set per box, but between the 3 boxes, I'd bet I got at least one full set, maybe two.

I didn't think I'd be stuck with so many teams that weren't purchased so when I placed my order I bought a 4th box for myself because I wanted to build the set. I'll be opening that one as well while the videos are uploading. So I'm going to try something a little different this time. Give me a day or so and I'll post a list of what everyone is getting, all my extras available for trade and any needs for my set and hopefully we can work out some trades before I ship everything out. Feel free to trade amongst yourselves too and let me know the outcome.
Check back at 7PM EST for the results of the first box!

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  1. Depending on how everything pans out, I would be quite interested in set fillers from any doubles you receive, and can work out a nice financial agreement for same.

    (ie - I'll pay for anything extra you have to fill my needs)