Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free team winner announcement...

I announced a little incentive program in Tuesday's post to get more people involved in the break. As of this posting, 14 teams are gone. I put 12 of them into the randomizer (removed my two teams) along with my two extra entries each for Superduperman99 over at Fantastic Catch and BA Benny over at the newly re-opened BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffett. They mentioned the break on their own blogs to help drum up some participants. Thanks guys! This brings up the number of entries to 16 into the randomizer. Randomized 3 times:

Not sure why the print screens didn't come out so clear but I didn't want to re-randomize and cheat someone out of a victory. You should be able to tell that The Dutch Card Guy won with his Astros selection. He also would have won the second randomization with his Tigers pick. Hopefully he didn't use up all his luck on this and can pull some great cards too!

By the time this posts, I will have sent him an email and there will be a moratorium on team selections until he makes his freebie pick. I will update this post when picks can be made again and leave it open until Friday night at midnight EST because the break will be Saturday.

*EDIT* Moratorium over. Angels selected. Head over here to see if your team is claimed. If not, claim it!!

As an added bonus today, I'm going to treat everybody to two ATCRCS cards today. A double dose of Don if you will. Zimmer that is. This first picture has been in my header since I started the blog but here's a better shot of it. I love the pose and facial expression and can only imagine he's arguing with the ump. Here is your 1989 National League Manager of the Year:

I think he is more widely associated with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers during his playing days but he also spent time with the Cubs in the early 1960's. Zimmer even made his only career All-Star appearances while with the Cubs in both of the 1961 All-Star games, though he only got playing time in the first one. Here's a more youthful Popeye:

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