Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Borrowing a Segment...

Because of the break I did over the weekend, I'm a little behind on thanking some of bloggers who have sent me some some great packages in the last week or two. I'm still working on scanning some of that stuff in and I'm a little short on time but I will definitely get to them to this week. So I'm was looking at some of things I've already scanned in for a quick topic and came across these two cards:

#334 Anthony Rizzo

#657 Dave Sappelt
It's curious that Topps would include both of these guys. I mentioned the other day that I was pleasantly surprised when I came across 16 different base cards for Series 2, several more than even the Yankees.

Anybody care to guess who's segment I'm going to "borrow"? No? Fine. Be that way.

I guess you'd have to be a Cubs fan and a follower of Nick over at Dime Boxes to guess correctly anyway. These two cards immediately struck me as cards for his Zero Year Club.

Granted, they may be temporary like his post on the 2012 Manny Ramirez in the A's uniform, but as of now they are featured on Cubs cards without having played for the team. Neither are rookie cards. Both have some Major League experience and were acquired this past off season. I expect we'll see Rizzo before the end of the year but I haven't heard a peep about Sappelt.

Thanks Nick for giving me the inspiration for a quick topic in a pinch!

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