Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long Overdue Trade Post...

With all the excitement of the Archives case and Topps Series 2 box breaks, I've been neglectful in thanking some fellow bloggers for their end of a couple trades. As some of you may know, I collected only Topps cards for a while. That left some pretty significant holes in my Cubs collection so now that they're pretty much the only game in town, I've decided to try to complete all of the Cubs team sets from the other brands as well. That seemed like a pretty large undertaking so I put out that I was looking for some lots to help get me started.

Several bloggers came through as we worked out deals for specific cards and then they generously included a couple to a couple of team bags worth of Cubs cards. Unfortunately, I went into autopilot mode while watching TV the other night and accidentally sorted a couple of piles before I realized they were trade piles. So I'm not exactly sure who sent what! I went back through some of the emails and can figure out the main cards from each package but the stacks of older Cubs cards weren't as identifiable. I'll do my best to recreate some of the packages.

First up is Bob, AKA ducky1978 over on I don't think he has a blog but Bob is the only one to have participated in all 3 of my group breaks. Thanks, Bob! This last time he mentioned that he had a Derek Lee A&G bat card he'd be willing to trade. A trade was born and he also included a couple of Gypsy Queens from my Want List and some Cubs cards. I'll be sending him out a bunch of Tigers inserts with his latest batch of team cards from the break. Thanks again Bob!

Dustin from over at Coot Veal and the Vealtones contacted me about a couple of cards I had listed on my Trade List page and we hammered out a deal. I picked up a Sosa relic numbered 1/250. Not sure why that's so cool but I love #1 cards! Also got a Dempster jersey card along with a handful of other Cubs cards.

Last but not least, we have Marcus from over at All the Way to the Backstop. I've actually received two packages from him and we're currently working out a third deal involving my Padres extras from Topps Series 2. He has helped fill a couple set needs with Bowman and Archives and topped the packages off with some older Cubs cards. Unfortunately, I didn't scan any of my Bowman or Archives cards and his Cubs extras we part of the mix up so I don't have any photos to share from this trade unless they were some of the miscellaneous Cubs featured below. Either way, this trade is very much appreciated! I highly recommend trading with Marcus. (And pssst: it's a good way to get rid of all those pesky Padres cards!) Just kidding!

I feel terrible about sorting all the Cubs cards before I had a chance to give credit so I wanted to post a bunch of hopefully a little something from everybody ends up featured. These weren't necessarily part of the main trades but great addtions to the collection nonetheless. Thanks everybody!


  1. Roberto Machado is Big Z's doppleganger. Just sayin'.

  2. Machado was the true heart of our trade. Thanks for the post, man, and for the great cards you sent.