Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trade from Capewood

First I'd like to apologize. I have some outstanding trades I have to finish and even some stuff from the break (although that mostly has to do with working out some additional trades to fill the packages). I could blame my older son making his Little League All-Star team and that his practices doubled. Or my younger son having a Boy Scout campout. Or having hardwood floors installed and the installers accidentally cutting our cable/internet line. But its really just been a combination of a messy past few days!

My last couple of posts have been typed on Word, copied to a flash drive and then uploaded and scheduled through my work computer. Which is where I do most of my blog browsing anyway. Shhhh! Don't tell! But I have somebody coming out today (finally!) to fix our internet at home. Father's Day weekend without cable or internet?!? Egads!

So if you haven't gotten a reply to your email in the past few days or wondering where your package is, give me another day and I will have my internet and cards in one place and will finalize some deals. Thanks for your patience!

Meanwhile, I responded to a post from Cliff over at Capewood's Collections where he is doing a team-by-team Summer Clearance. All he's looking for in exchange are some Phillies and Astros cards! I claimed the Cubs and received the package yesterday. I didn't count them but there were well over a hundred cards. A good cross section of years and brands. He is offering them up alphabetically and last I saw he was up to the Giants. So if your team hasn't been called yet, check him out!Thanks Cliff!

Here a few of my favorites:

Oldest card in the package, 1981 Donruss Jim Tracy. Also the last to wear #23 before Ryno.

Newest card in the package, 2012 Opening Day Geovany Soto. Heard the Cubs want fans to vote him in as an All-Star. As a Cubs fan I say, what??? Not a lot of All-Star candidates from the team this year but don't think Soto even cracks the top 10 in Cubs right now.

Only Ryno in the package but it's a nice oddball. Oh, K-mart. What happened to you?

Oldest Cubs in the package, although the card is newer. Billy Williams just turned 74 last week.

Youngest Cub in the package. Turned 22 before this season and first MLB player to be born in the 1990's when he made his debut in 2010. 


Only Cubs player in the package I had never heard of. And as someone making a custom card set of every Cubs player and having compiled a master roster, that's saying a lot. But there's a good reason for that. As is common with Bowman, even back in the day, they feature a lot of Minor League players and Paulino topped out at Triple A Iowa back in 1992. 


  1. Paulino was one of my favorite Peoria Chiefs growing up. He was on a couple of teams in the post Grace/Maddux/Girardi/May/D.Smith/Walton era. Unfortunately I didn't make it too the park before '88. Paulino's teams didn't supply the talent that the aforementioned ones did, but they were the ones I grew up watching as a 10 and 11-year old. Good times!

  2. Glad you liked the cards. I'm nearly done with the great 2012 Summer Clearance. I'll be posting some the great cards I got for the rest of the summer and fall.