Saturday, June 2, 2012

Box Break - 3 Hobby Boxes of 2012 Topps Series 2

I didn't have as many votes in the poll as I had hoped but I am going to run with the break anyway. I'll be breaking 3 hobby boxes of 2012 Topps Series 2. The majority said they wanted to be able to pick their own team so claim your team in the comments below. First come, first served. Paypal email is onceacub AT gmail DOT com

How much is each team?

Your first team is $9. Each additional team is $6.

When is the break?

The release date is Wednesday, June 6. I should have it in my possession within a day or two of that and hope to do the break that weekend.
What does my purchase include?
Your purchase includes all single player cards shown to be on your chosen team(s). Including but not limited to base cards, autographs, parallels, inserts and relics. Some breaks I have seen hold back duplicate base cards to save shipping but I will send everything. See below for multi-player cards. For traded players, the card goes to the team shown on the card, which is not necessarily the current team. Shipping with delivery confirmation is also included. Insurance may be included for teams that secure autographed or other premium cards.
How are multi-player cards handled?
Multiplayer cards are handled as follows:
The flow of the card for the purpose of distribution goes from the top left across to the top right, then lower left to lower right. The card will go to the team represented by the player on the upper left side of the card. If a duplicate card is pulled later, the next team represented in the above stated flow gets the dupe. If a triplicate card is pulled, the third team represented gets the 3rd card (or 1st team again if it’s a 2-player card). In the event a parallel card is pulled, the 1st team represented gets the premium card and the 2nd team will get the base version regardless of the order pulled from the pack.
How are cards with no affiliation handled?
If one is pulled, all teams will be put into a randomizer and the owner of the team selected after the 3rd randomization will win that prize. Participants with multiple teams will be entered for as many teams as they purchased.

Angels - The Dutch Card Guy (Freebie winner)
Astros - The Dutch Card Guy (Paid)
Athletics - 
Blue Jays - Nathan (Paid)
Braves - 
Brewers - 
Cardinals - Superduperman99 (Paid)
Cubs - Once a Cub...(Paid)
Diamondbacks - 
Dodgers - Ducky1978 (Paid)
Giants - Ducky1978 (Paid)
Indians -
Mariners -
Marlins -
Mets - BA Benny (Paid)
Nationals - Once a Cub...(Paid)
Orioles - Superduperman99
Padres -
Phillies - daddyohoho (Paid)
Pirates -
Rangers - daddyohoho (Paid)
Rays -
Red Sox -
Reds -
Rockies -
Royals - Ducky1978 (Paid)
Tigers - The Dutch Card Guy (Paid)
Twins -
White Sox - Jeff W. (Paid)
Yankees - BA Benny (Paid)

Any questions, just ask!


  1. I'll take the Cardinals. I will send you the money when I send the trade package to you.

  2. Mets and Yankees please.Payment coming.


  3. Hi, despite the Yankees already gone, let me help you out and take the Astros and Tigers !

  4. I will take the phils and the rangers

  5. I will take the blue jays if they are still available.

  6. I am going to hop in on the White Sox.