Friday, June 1, 2012

ATCRCS: First Pitch Friday - Jon Lovitz

This week's First Pitch Friday card features comedian/actor/singer Jon Lovitz. I think there are a lot of strong feelings about him, many love him, many hate him. I don't know him personally so I'm guessing he is just really good at acting when it comes to playing so many of those annoying characters that you love to hate. He has thrown out the ceremonial first pitch for the Cubs on multiple occasions but this particular card showcases his August 30, 2009 effort.

Many times, a celebrity making the first pitch will have a customized jersey with their name on it. Not sure if Lovitz was a last minute pitcher or he's just an Ernie Banks fan but as you can see by the video below, Lovitz is wearing a #14 Banks jersey. Former Cub Sam Fuld plays the role of the catcher and Lovitz bounces the ball in the dirt to the backstop. Given a second chance, he gets it to Fuld in the air, but it most certainly would have hit a left-handed batter.

After taking an early lead, the Cubs fell to the Mets 4-1. Here is the box score for the game for anyone curious.


  1. My wife and I really enjoyed seeing him do his thing in the booth with Len and Bob earlier this year.

    1. I'd curious to see what he's really like because he seems to be "in chracter" all the time.